Bernardo BroitmanBernardo Broitman

Adjunct Researcher

Main interests
I am mostly interested in studying the influence of the physical conditions on coastal ecosystems and the coupling of physics with biology at different spatial and temporal scales. Many of my studies are related to the spatial analysis of patterns and underlying processes, and my present research is now focused on the effects of coastal oceanographic and climatic variability on the biogeography of species distribution.

I am currently the Director of the Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Áridas (CEAZA) in Chile.

Contribution to CCM

Metapopulation ecology and genetics

Bernardo Broitman

Bernardo Broitman

Since most of my studies are conducted in the same geographic region where CCM research is being carried out, significant synergetic effects are foreseen with my interaction with the Nucleus. In particular, I intend to add expertise for analysis and interpretation of satellite imagery and spatial statistics.

Selected publications

  • Valdivia N, González AE, Manzur T, Broitman, B. Accepted. Mesoscale variation of mechanisms contributing to stability in rocky shore communities.  PLoS ONE
  • Montecinos A, Broitman BR, Faugeron S, Haye PA, Tellier F, Guillemin ML. 2012. Species replacement along a linear coastal habitat: phylogeography and speciation in the red alga Mazzaella laminarioides along the south east pacific. Evolutionary Biology, 12: article number 97.
  • Broitman BR, Veliz F, Manzur T, Wieters EA, Finke GR, Fornes PA, Valdivia N, Navarrete SA. 2011. Geographic variation in diversity of wave exposed rocky intertidal communities along central Chile. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural, 84(1): 143-154.