Camilo-Rodriguez[reducido]Camilo Rodríguez-Beltrán

Adjunct researcher

Main interests

My interests are centered in the precautionary principle, collective intelligence and participatory strategies for the comprehensive understanding of global challenges. I dedicate particular attention to the development of comprehensive approaches related to biodiversity conservation and human health, using tools focused on interdisciplinarity and fostering of collective and non-formal observation.

I am currently lecturer, researcher and Director of Innovation at the Faculty of Engineering from the Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile). I am also founder and developer of the art initiative GKo.

Contribution to CCM

Social Determinants
Conservation and Management

My interaction with the Center for Marine Conservation has been focused to the launch of interdisciplinary approaches as a foundation to develop new directions of knowledge among the researchers of the Nucleus. Besides, I was also implicated in the design of creative and identity templates for the outreach program of the Center.

Selected publications