No profile photoChristopher Aiken

Associate Researcher

Main interests

My research interests cover various themes relating to the physics of the ocean, its role in climate and in the workings of the marine ecosystem, and methods to observe and predict its state.  Current lines of research include recent changes in the character of ENSO, mechanisms by which circulation variability can facilitate species coexistence, and numerical modelling of the circulation and larval transport in central Chile.

Contribution to CCM


My role within the Marine Conservation Center is to conduct research aimed at understanding how variations in the coastal ocean circulation can influence the dynamics of marine populations.  A specific goal of this research is to be able to assess the effectiveness of marine reserve network designs from the point of view of potential connectivity as inferred from numerical ocean models.  A vital component of this work is the training of young scientists in the use of numerical ocean models.

Christopher Aiken

Christopher Aiken

Selected Publications

  • Aiken CM, Navarrete SA. 2011. Environmental fluctuations and asymmetrical dispersal: generalized stability theory for studying metapopulation persistence and marine protected areas. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 428:77-88.
  • Aiken CM, Navarrete SA, Pelegri JL. 2011. Projected changes to the circulation and along-shore connectivity on the central Chilean coast. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeoscience, 116: G04026.
  • Aiken CM, Navarrete SA, Castillo M. 2008. A simulation of the Chilean Coastal Current and associated topographic upwelling near Valparaíso, Chile. Continental Shelf Research, 28: 2371-2381.