Guillermo AravenaGuillermo Aravena

Post-doc researcher

Main interests
The major focus of my research is to quantify/model the effects of climate-ocean variability on ecological processes and population dynamics. I am particularly interested in the application of novels and specific time-series models that allow to incorporate non-linearity, noisy and non-stationarity, features that are identified as important ‘drawbacks’ in the study of ecological time-series. Most of the statistical models involved in my research have been performed using the R package ( whereas the methodology applied has included collection and treatment of environmental data, trend evaluation and relationships between time-series.

Contribution to CCM

Metapopulation Ecology and Genetics

In this project I will retrieve, update and re-organize long-term information about climate-ocean conditions and about ecological data of intertidal communities along the coast of Chile in the Humboldt Current System. I will analyze the spatio-temporal trends of this historical data, and will perform time-series models (i.e. autoregressive integrated moving average) that allow to evaluate the impacts of climate on local oceanographic conditions, to characterize physical patterns that are driving local circulation processes and to infer bio-physical interactions.

Selected publications

  • Iriarte A, Aravena G, Villate F, Uriarte I, Ibáñez B, Llope M, Stenseth NC. 2010. Effects of environmental factors on the axial dynamics of dissolved oxygen in two contrasting estuaries of the Bay of Biscay. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 418: 57-71.
  • Aravena G, Villate F, Uriarte I, Iriarte A, Ibáñez B. 2009. Assessing the response of Acartia populations to environmental variability and the effects of invasive congenerics in the estuary of Bilbao, Bay of Biscay. Estuarine, Coast and Shelf Science, 83:621-628.
  • Aravena G, Villate F, Iriarte A, Uriarte I, Ibáñez B. 2009. Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) on climatic factors and estuarine water temperature on the Basque coast (Bay of Biscay): comparative analysis of three seasonal NAO indices. Continental Shelf Research, 29: 750-758.

Center for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones (CEAZA). Catholic University of the North. Larrondo 1281, Coquimbo