Juan-Carlos-Castilla[reducida]Juan Carlos Castilla

Senior ScientiST


Profesor J.C. Castilla recently received the Chilean National Price in Applied Sciences and Technology for his contribution to management of marine resources and conservation. He has also received the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation, and the 2007 Award in Biodiversity Conservation from the BBVA Foundation; both are major international recognitions for his studies on marine conservation. His studies on human impact provided the scientific grounds to establish territorial fishing rights for the management of benthic resources, called management areas.

Contribution to CCM

Social Determinants
Conservation and Management

Selected publications

  • Gelcich S, Fernandez M, Godoy N, Canepa A, Prado L, Castilla JC. In press. Territorial user rights policies as ancillary instruments to scale up marine biodiversity conservation. Conservation Biology.
  • Gelcich S, Hughes TP, Olsson P, Folke C, Defeo O, Fernández M, Foale S, Gunderson LH, Rodríguez-Sickert C, Scheffer M, Steneck RS, Castilla JC. 2010. Navigating transformations in governance of Chilean marine coastal resources. PNAS, 107: 16794-16799.
  • Castilla JC (1999) Coastal marine communities: trends and perspectives from human-exclusion experiments. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 14(7): 280–283.

e-mail: jcastilla@bio.puc.cl
URL: http://www.bio.puc.cl/academicos/10869-juan-carlos-castilla