No profile photoNatalio Godoy Salinas

Young Researcher

Main interests
1. Sustainable management and conservation of natural resources with particular enfasis on the management and conservation of rocky reef fish populations;
2. Experimental subtidal ecology in coastal environments;
3.  Effects of human activites on coastal biodiversity.

Contribution to CCM

Metapopulation Ecology and Genetics
Conservation and Management

Natalio Godoy Salinas

Natalio Godoy Salinas

Within CCM I am responsible for the direct assessment of subtidal biodiversity (species richness, abundance and biomass of algae, invertebrates and fishes) in coastal sites with different fisheries access regimes and levels of coastal upweling. The field activities related with the assessment of subtidal biodiversity are carried out with autonomous and semi-autonomous diving systems. Furthermore, I collaborate in experimental researh fucused on the assessment of invertebrate larval recruitment in different types of artificial collectors settled at both the intertidal and shallow subtidal. I am also provinding support to the research work of undergraduate and graduate students.

Selected publications

  • Godoy N, Canepa A, Lasternas S, Mayol E, Ruíz-Halpern S, Agustí S, Castilla JC, Duarte C. 2012. Experimental assessment of the effects of UVB radiation on plancton community metabolism along the Southeastern Pacific off Chile. Biogeoscience, 9: 1267-1276.
  • Godoy N, Gelcich S, Vasquez J, Castilla JC. 2010. Spearfishing to depletion: evidence from temperate reef fishes. Ecological Applications, 20(6): 1504-1511.
  • N. Godoy, 2008. Pesca por buceo de peces litorales de roca: desembarques, composición de las capturas y efectos sobre la riqueza y la abundancia de las especies. Tesis para optar al grado de Magister en Ciencias del Mar. Universidad Católica del Norte, Coquimbo, Chile.