CCMSilvia de Juan Mohan

Post-doctoral researcher

Main interests
Many studies have been carried out to understand the effects of human activities on benthic community structure, the first approaches being based on species composition. This strategy increased our knowledge on community responses, but it provides limited information on ecosystem functioning and the information is often geographically limited. In this context, I have evaluated changes in benthic ecosystems through a Biological Traits Approach, aiming to link the community structure with changes in the functional components. Currently, I am further developing this research and use a functional components approach to investigate benthic communities’ responses to environmental/anthropogenic variability and assess the threats of biodiversity loss.

Ecosystem Services have been defined as the direct and indirect benefits people obtain from ecosystems and it is a popular term used in relation with socio-ecological systems because of its perceived effectiveness in communicating ecological ideas to non-scientists, a critical goal to achieve an Integrated Coastal Zone Management. As roles performed by benthic species are important in regulating ecosystem processes, BTA approach is also useful to assess these processes and related ecosystem services. My future research in CCM aims to address the identification of the biophysical and social services provided by marine ecosystems and the effects of multiple human uses and environmental variability on the delivery of these services.

Additional research topics I currently explore include interdisciplinar approaches for the study of small-scale fisheries: linking ecology, social and bioeconomic data; scientific guidelines for the implementation of Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries management; and marine reserve networks design and performance.

Contribution to CCM

Indicators of the ecosystem sensitivity to stress caused by multiple human uses in coastal areas.

Quantitative estimation of the delivery of ecosystem services by coastal benthic ecosystems.

Link ecosystems to society through the ecosystem services approach.

Identifying tools to advance in the Integrated Coastal Zone Management.



Selected publications

  • 2015 – de Juan S, Gelcich S, Ospina-Alvarez A, Perez-Matus A, Fernandez M. Applying an ecosystem service approach to unravel links between ecosystems and society in the coast of central Chile. Science of the Total Environment 533: 122-132.
  • 2015 – de Juan S, Hewitt J, Thrush S, Freeman, D. Standardizing the assessment of Functional Integrity in benthic ecosystems. Special Issue: Protecting Marine Biodiversity to Preserve Ecosystem Functioning: a Tribute to Carlo Heip, Journal of Sea Research 98: 33-41.
  • 2012 – de Juan S, Moranta J, Hinz H, Barberá C, Oro D, Ordines F, Ojeda-Martinez C, Ólafsson E, Demestre M, Massutí E, Lleonart J. A regional network of sustainable managed areas as the way forward for the implementation of an Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management in the Mediterranean. Ocean and Coastal Management 65: 51-58.