Stefan-Gelcich[reducido]Stefan Gelcich

Associate Researcher

Main interests

My main research lines are the interaction between ecological and social systems in coastal areas, the sustainable conservation and management of marine resources and policy. I have been particularly interested in the social, economic and biological effects of granting exclusive territorial fisheries rights to small-scale artisanal fisher associations.

I am currently conducting research on the human dimensions of marine fisheries management and conservation. I am leading a research project on economic valuation of ecosystem services and its implications for decision making in the central coast of Chile and another project studying different marine governance approaches to implement and effectively manage marine protected areas in Chile. I am a co-investigator at the CAPES (Center for Applied Ecology and Sustainability) studying links between catch share management practices, biodiversity and environmental attitudes of stakeholders.

Contribution to CCM

Social Determinants
Conservation and Management

My contribution to the Center for Marine Conservation falls at the interface between social and natural sciences and between basic and applied issues of marine management and conservation.

Stefan Gelcich

Stefan Gelcich

Selected publications

  • Gelcich S, Fernandez M, Godoy N, Canepa A, Prado L, Castilla JC. 2012. Territorial user rights policies as ancillary instruments to scale up marine biodiversity conservation. Conservation Biology, 26(6): 1005-1015.
  • Marin A, Gelcich S, Castilla JC, Berkes F. 2012. Exploring social capital in Chile’s coastal benthic comanagement system using a network approach. Ecology and Society, 17 (1): 13.
  • Gelcich S, Hughes TP, Olsson P, Folke C, Defeo O, Fernández M, Foale S, Gunderson LH, Rodríguez-Sickert C, Scheffer M, Steneck RS, Castilla JC. 2010. Navigating transformations in governance of Chilean marine coastal resources. PNAS, 107: 16794-16799.