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Dr. Steve Gaines is a PEW Fellow and a world leader in marine ecology and conservation. His studies on ocean circulation and the dynamics of dispersal in marine species (connectivity of marine populations) were fundamental to help the design and implement the California’s Marine Life Protection Act, which established a statewide network of coastal marine reserves. More recently Dr. Gaines became involved in the use of rights-based catch shares to reach sustainable harvest. His current studies focus on the socio-economic aspects that influence the design and success of catch shares in open biological systems. Territorial user right fisheries (TURF), such as management areas, are a common form of catch shares. He is also studying how TURFs may catalyze the implementation of marine protected areas.

Contribution to CCM

Social Determinants
Conservation and Management

Selected publications

  • Costello C, Ovando D, Hilborn R, Gaines SD, Deschenes O, Lester SE. 2012. Status and Solutions for the World’s Unassessed Fisheries. Science, 338:517-520.
  • Lester SE, Costello C, Halpern BS, Gaines SD, White C, Barth JA. 2012. Evaluating tradeoffs among ecosystem services to inform marine spatial planning. Marine Policy.
  • Lester, SE, Halpern BS, Grorud-Colvert K, Lubchenco J, Ruttenberg BI, Gaines SD, Airamé S, Warner RR. 2009. Biological effects within no-take marine reserves: a global synthesis. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 384:33-46.