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Marine Conservation In Your Hands

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The Center for Marine Conservation launched an outreach program to promote the understanding of the importance of the marine ecosystem in our society, informing on the knowledge gained by our research program about our productive coastal marine ecosystems and involving ordinary citizens in conservation actions. We offer simple informative and teaching tools to reach the public and diverse activities where the public can participate sharing their thoughts and other contributions (poems, photos, videos). We teach about the value and diversity of our sea through guided visits for school children, cards, videos, and the first program about responsible marine food.

MAR – Alimentación responsable

Logo mar2The program “MAR Alimentación Responsable” (Responsible Marine Food) uses the available scientific information to communicate to consumers and businesses, the status of marine resources in Chile and the regulations set by fisheries authorities, such as minimum legal fishing size or closure seasons, and how each of these contributes to the conservation of Chilean marine ecosystems.

Guided visits to ECIM at Las Cruces



The Center for Marine Conservation offers guided visits for schools to the Estación Costera de Investigaciones Marinas (ECIM), the Marine Laboratory of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, at Las Cruces. The guided visits to ECIM aim at fostering a sense of responsibility in the students for the conservation and management of marine biodiversity in central Chile. To accomplish this mission we invite students to be part of a set of activities that range from the interaction with several marine species to games adapted to specific age groups. These activities are designed to promote responsible attitudes that foster a sustainable use of marine resources in central Chile.