Camila Pinto

Social Determinants

The Social Determinants team works at the interface between social and ecological systems of the coast of central Chile, focusing on the role of social dimensions on the success of management and conservation policies.

Evie Wieters

Evie Wieters

Effective marine conservation increasingly depends upon the resultant actions of different stakeholder groups, from policy-makers to resource users. Management and conservation policies may change society’s behavior in the short-term, but if this is not accompanied by a change in their environmental perception, the potential for long-term environmental conservation may be at risk. Our group collects data on fishers perceptions and willingness to engage in management and conservation plans. In addition we assess the public’s valuation of attributes associated with marine protected areas and conservation. Results from this allow the monitoring of the effectiveness of environmental policies and conservation plans, and may be used to ensure the long-term engagement of communities with the sustainable use of marine resources.


Stefan Gelcich
Juan Carlos Castilla
Steve Gaines
Miriam Fernández